Road Freight Forwarding


Full Truck Loads (FTL)

We can cover any European route, even countries that are not part of the European Union, such as Turkey, Switzerland, Serbia, Ukraine, Norway, etc.
Our experienced logistics specialists, in conjuction with a specialized TMS (Transport Management System) make a crucial difference in ensuring top quality services to all our customers.


Less than Truck Load (LTL) & parcels

Our vast network of partners permits us to organize LTLs and parcel shipments on any European route, balancing the cost and transit time to better meet the client’s need.
The trucks, small trucks and vans allocated can transport a large variety of cargos (general cargo, furniture, construction materials, agricultural and industrial equipment, electronics, appliances, spare parts, personal effects, etc), regardless of the packing mode (pallets, cartons, wooden boxes, bundles, rolls, bulk) and volume.

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Refrigerated transports

We can provide reliable transport solutions all around Europe for a large array of cargos that require a controlled temperature environment, like pharmaceuticals, frozen or refrigerated goods, foodstuff, flowers, etc.
All our vehicles are equiped to print a temperature report and have a valid CMR insurance throughout the entire transport.


Oversized transports

We can ensure oversized transports with trailers with 2 axis, up to 9 axis, low bed platforms, modular trailers, with their own ramps that can load any type oversized cargo, ensuring escorts and the purchase of all the road authorizations required.
All the truck drivers we assign for the transport are highly qualified professionals, certified for oversized transports.


ADR transports (hazardous cargo)

Our wide list of services includes the transportation of hazardous cargo, with specialized vans and trucks, ADR equiped and fully authorized.
A general requisite of the drivers assigned to transport hazardous cargo is the ownership of ADR certificates and ability to solve any possible incidents that could occur during the transport.