Bucharest acces taxes for freight vehicles and machinery with a total maximum authorized mass exceeding 5 tons

The prices for each vehicle can be consulted on the Bucharest City Hall website, by accessing the link below.

Ways to procur authorizations:

On Bucharest City Hall website:

NOT ADVISABLE: from the City Hall (Regina Elisabeta Blv., no. 47, Bucharest), with the vehicle’s registration certificate and the payment order (Transport Department, Roads and Traffic Safety, Regina Elisabeta Blv., no. 42, daily working hours: 9:00 – 14:00, tel.: +4021.305.55.00 / 1252 or +4021.305.55.55 / 1252)

Payment methods:

Legal basis: HCGMB no. 134/2004, HCGMB no. 132/2005, HCGMB no. 300/ 2006, HCGMB no. 236/2018, HCGMB no. 244/2019.